Elevator Landing #1
Bldg. a / FL 6

Elevator Landing #1

Building a
Floor 6
Bldg. a / FL 6

Elevator Landing #1

Here, we’re looking at the standard configuration of the design we wanted to use when developing working environments in Unicity. The flex office concept involves organising space to give each employee the most appropriate layout and furniture for the work sequence ahead, or for the series of sequences to be performed in the half-day ahead. Instead of being permanently assigned a position, and no matter what the job requirements may be, the flex office concept gives employees the freedom of a better match between their jobs and their work environments.

Each entity occupies a reference area. For instance, central HR is currently on the 8th, marketing France on the 6th, and so forth. Spontaneously, if employees do not have a specific job to do that requires them to make another choice, they can work in their entity’s reference area or in its immediate vicinity, as the frontiers between areas are fuzzy. This is where the employees have their own lockers to store their belongings when they clear their desks, i.e. when freeing up a work position for a colleague to use.

For the employees’ comfort, and to limit coming and going in shared areas, the meeting rooms, coffee bar areas and lockers have been located around the elevator landings.

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